Second stop, Italy

What’s the first thing you do in Napoli? Eat pizza.

And we did, on three different places… in one day! We tried one without a line, since you never know, but I guess the lines tell you something in Napoli. Da Michele and Di Matteo both had long lines… Boring to wait? Not when places has aperol spritz to go in plastic cups for 1 euro. Boring anyways? At Da Michele we went for take away and at a nearby bar you could bring your pizza if you bought a beer or wine.


Too hot for sightseeing, go swim!

Well, Napoli isn’t really known for it’s beaches... But we found a cool place, from eh maybe the map? Lido Marechiaro.

To understand that Napoli is quite big…

Accidentally we found the best panoramic view in Vomero, just beneath Castle of St. Elmo and just in time for the sunset. Then we walk down the stairs and had some more aperol on the street of Cammarota Spritz.

Street views…